Pavers and Flagstone for Your Perfect Patio This Fall

September 18, 2023
Families in Northern VA want to experience the outdoors, especially in the Fall, and spend as much time as they can outdoors. Building a stone patio is the way to enjoy your outdoor living spaces. It seems that very many people are finding themselves seeking more time in nature, primarily for the healing and relaxation benefits. Let our sales people work with your family to develop creative ways to experience a patio with an outdoor kitchen, pavilion, pergola, and fireplace.
We inventory pavers and flagstone for your perfect patio. Call us today (703) 339-8095 for more details.

The Best Landscape Edging Options for Your Garden and Backyard

September 5, 2023

Northern Virginia residents, have you been looking for the best landscape edging options to help turn your garden or backyard into a beautiful outdoor oasis? Whether you’re aiming to incorporate something modern and chic, classic and timeless, or something in between, there is no shortage of possibilities for finding the right landscape edging. Improving the look and feel of your flower beds, garden, patio or walkways is one of the best things you can do for your curb appeal. Call us today (703) 339-8095 and let’s explore all of your landscape edging needs!

Dimensional and Irregular Flagstone in Our Inventory

August 10, 2023
Rock Stone and Sand Yard (RSSY) inventories dimensional and irregular Flagstone. Call us today (703) 339-8095 for pricing and delivery information. Please visit our website Flagstone page for additional images and information.
Irregular Shape:
1 ton or 3,000 lb. pallet
1″ to 3″ thickness
1 1/2 to 6 sq ft per piece
Maximum of 6 pieces per layer
Coverage 75 to 90 sq ft per ton
Standup on 1,900 or 3,500 lb. pallet
1 1/2″ to 3 1/2″ thickness
1,900 to 3,500 lbs per pallet
Coverage – 100 sq ft per ton
Colors – Coyote Gray, Diamondback Ridge, Emerald Gray, Grand Cayman, Lake James, Mojave, Mount Mitchell, Mountain Cabin, Mountain Mist, PA Bluestone, Full Color, Lilac, Queensbury, San Marcos, San Monica, Sea Mist Green.
Dimensional Shape:
Full Color Flagstone
Dimensional sizing in 6″ increments
Natural top | Sawed edges and bottom
12″ x 12″ to 24″ x 36″ pieces (- 1/2″ joints)
Thickness: 1 Inch
Blue Select Flagstone
Dimensional sizing in 6″ increments
12″ x 12″ to 24″ x 36″ pieces
Larger sizing by special order
Thickness 1 ½ Inch

RSSY Offers Sand and Gravel!

July 20, 2023

RSSY offers mortar sand. White sand is also available as play sand.

Grey gravel is a granite stone that is most often used for driveways and to help with drainage.

Fancy Gravel is a variety of colorful stone that can be used for driveways, walkways, and plant beds.

Click through our selections of sand & gravel on the web site to learn more about each specific type, or browse specific galleries to view the selection detail. We can deliver materials directly to your site or you can pick-up. Please call the Yard (703) 339-8095 for help with your aggregate order.
To use the aggregate calculator, select your stone or sand aggregate type from the pull down menu, and enter length, width, and depth requirements in the blanks provided. This calculator will estimate how much stone and/or sand (in tons) that are required for your job based on your material type and measurements. Please be advised that the total calculated tons may differ from your actual requirement due to variances in sub-grade depth, compaction, material density, losses, etc

Providing Builders, Landscape Contractors and Homeowners in Fairfax, VA with What They Need

July 14, 2023
At Rock Stone and Sand Yard (RSSY) we provide builders, landscape contractors and homeowners throughout Fairfax, Springfield, Falls Church, Arlington, McLean, Burke, Alexandria, Lorton, Clifton, and Woodbridge with a large selection of landscape accessories and tools. Wheelbarrows, Gas Outdoor Patio Grills and Parts, many sizes and shape of Landscape Shovels, Polymeric Sand for Paving Stones, Low Voltage LED lighting and parts, Premium weed block, Flagstone and Paver Sealer, Landscape Fabric Staples, Landscape work gloves, Stone Cutting Blades, Stone Wet Look Lacquers, EZY Screed Tools, Drainage Pipes, Metal Edging and much more.
Please call (703) 339-8095 for special pricing and availability of our landscape accessories in stock. Visit our website for images of our landscape accessories.

Our Types of Sod Grass for Pickup and Delivery in Northern Virginia

July 10, 2023
It is very difficult to plant grass this time of the year. We have excess heat drying our the turf and then thunder storms washing away the seed.
Rock Stone and Sand Yard RSSY has the solution. RSSY stocks several types of SOD Grass for pickup and delivery in the Northern VA area.
Please call today for details and pricing or visit our website for more details.

Plan a Beautiful Outdoor Living Space to Use Year Round

June 27, 2023

The 4th of July Holiday is almost upon us bringing hot Summer weather.   This is a good time to look at your yard to plan a beautiful outdoor living space that you can use year round. Before you get started on creating an outdoor living space, you need to have a clear idea of the kind of design you would want in your yard. Stop by the RSSY design center to speak to our sales persons to get some ideas and then study your existing landscape. We will help you imagine how the space will be used and research different materials to insure proper function and design features.  Please call today (703) 339-8095 to set up an appointment or visit our website for more details.


Discover Our Gravel Products in Our Inventory!

June 13, 2023
Crisp beds of gravel always look good in contemporary gardens in Northern Virginia. They make a nice textural contrast to break up smooth pavers and wooden decks in patio areas. Soften the effect with bold leaf planting arching over or growing through the gravel. Use the gravel to create little islands of planting that let you still see plenty of gravel. Any plants with a Mediterranean feel are the natural choice and can be planted directly into the gravel and look stunning in modern spaces.
Gravel is a versatile material that’s perfect for landscaping around water feature ideas to create contrast against a pond or vertical cascade. If you want to use gravel for a practical purpose like this, it’s a good idea to choose a medium-sized grade like Number 5 or Number 8 Bluestone gravel.
If it’s too small and fine, then it will spread around easily as you walk over it. If it’s too large, then it may make walking on the surface difficult. Please speak with our sales people to get the right texture and size of the decorative gravel for your landscaping ideas.
Call us today (703) 339-8095 or visit our web page for gravel images we stock in inventory.

Modernize the Look and Feel of Your Garden with Our Stone Products

May 30, 2023
Rock Stone and Sand Yard inventories RSSY River Jack Stone (1-3″) which is a decorative roundish 1-4″ stone of Earth tones of grey, brown, blue and reds. We enjoy having a variety of customers, guests, fans, and gardening / outdoor living enthusiasts enjoy all of our amazing stone products. Our RSSY River Jack Stone has become a fashionable item for updating and modernizing the landscape look and feel of gardens on a variety of properties in Northern Virginia communities. We look forward to seeing you at the Yard.
How much stone do I need? 1 cubic yard of stone/gravel will cover 100 sq. feet at approx. 2″ deep. Call us at (703) 339-8095 if you have any questions. Out garden center experts are always ready to help you out. Whether it is a short phone call to find out the information you need or stopping by for some suggestions, our team is ready. We take pride in our friendly and knowledgeable customer service. We truly look forward to making your outdoor landscape dreams a reality.
Furthermore, we have resources available to assist you in making the correct decisions within our wide availability of stone offerings. Please visit our page for images.


Protect Your Plants With Mulch This Spring!

May 23, 2023

The days are getting hotter. Time to protect all the plants and bushes you planted this Spring. To protect plants from heat, you need to add mulch. A thick layer of mulch ( at least 4 to 6 inches ) helps insulate the plant’s roots from both heat and cold. It will also help keep the soil moist.

RSSY has an amazing inventory of mulch and raw and organic materials for your landscape and building projects. We offer a variety of quality topsoil, mulch, compost, blends and straw for commercial and residential landscaping and gardening. Our RSSY Blends (70% hardwood fines and 30% Bloom DC Water’s Class A exceptional biosolids product) is a great alternative to compost, providing organic matter as well as nutrients to stimulate improved plant growth of all kinds including turf, flowers, trees, and vegetable gardens.

RSSY delivers mulch or stop by the Yard and fill up your truck or trailer. Please call (703) 339-8095 today or visit our website for mulch images.