Landscaping Materials for Your Dream Outdoor Space

April 25, 2024
Many people in Northern VA dream of a lush and well-maintained yard. However, achieving that can be somewhat challenging especially if you’re unfamiliar with what is required for landscaping projects. You might need to use various materials such as decorative boulders and mulch to elevate your property. You can even try utilizing gravel because it can also improve curb appeal.
In recent years, more people are looking into using gravel not only for its decorative function, but also for drainage and structural support.
Gravel in Northern VA can not only boost the appearance of your yard, but also help preserve the structure of areas like driveways and flowerbeds. At Rock Stone and Sand Yard, RSSY, you can find quality landscaping materials such as decorative boulders, mulch, blended soil, and gravel.
RSSY aims to provide you with the right landscaping materials you need to turn your dream outdoor environment to reality. You can count on RSSY to provide you with not only high-quality products but also expert advice to make your landscaping project successful. If you want to know more about gravel uses in Northern VA, please call us (703) 339-8095, visit our website or stop by the Yard for additional ideas.


Hiring CDL Class A and Class B Truck Drivers

April 19, 2024

RSSY is currently in need of CDL Class A and/or Class B Truck Drivers who can drive a 13-16 speed manual transmission. Please contact Mario at our Giles Run Road location by calling (703) 339-8096.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Living with Our Hardscaping Products

April 12, 2024
Home Owners in Northern VA – It’s Spring and you are planning to upgrade your outdoor living with a new swimming pool. Before falling in love with the style or color of a particular hardscape product to surround the pool, first consider the architectural style of your home, the surrounding landscape, and the size and function of the future hardscaped area. The staff at Rock Stone and Sand Yard can discuss these considerations with you and can help guide you through the selection process.
Call us today (703) 339-8095 to discuss your details and for additional hardscape information.

Mulches, Soil, Compost, and Blends

April 4, 2024
RSSY has an amazing inventory of raw and organic materials for your landscape and building projects. We offer a variety of quality topsoil, mulch, compost, blends and straw for commercial and residential landscaping and gardening. Our RSSY Blends (70% hardwood fines and 30% Bloom DC Water’s Class A exceptional biosolids product) is a great alternative to compost, providing organic matter as well as nutrients to stimulate improved plant growth of all kinds including turf, flowers, trees, and vegetable gardens. Call us today (703) 339-8095 for pricing and delivery schedules and visit our website for more information.