Seasoned Firewood Available for Pickup and Delivery This Season

December 18, 2020

RSSY is closed for the Holidays Dec 19 to Jan 3, 2021. Today is the last day to buy fire wood before the Holidays. However starting Jan 4th, we are ready for business and you will need to re-stock your firewood. RSSY seasoned Firewood can be purchased in baskets, cords or 1 piece for pick-up. For delivery you can only purchase baskets (up to 10) or up to 3 cords. Please call for pricing today.

1 Basket
1 Cord (Approx 3 Baskets)
Per Piece
Full cord – 8′ x 4’ x 4’ = 128 cu ft. Half cord – 4’ x 4’ x 4’ = 64 cu ft.

We are conveniently located on US 1 Lorton and easy access from I-95.


Architectural Stone Veneer – The Carolina Collection

December 4, 2020

Harvested in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, the Carolina Collection is a group of natural stone products with 10 distinct colors offered in 4 styles (or cuts), making it easy to compare and choose the perfect stone for your project. The products in this collection are also available in medium or full-bed thickness, as well as landscape products such as flagstone and decorative boulders. Call your RSSY salesperson today to start planning your Winter stone veneer jobs.

Stone Veneer Thickness:

Thin Veneer: 1″ to 3″ Average Thickness (Bed Depth)

Thick Bed Veneer: 3″ to 5″ Average Thickness (Bed Depth)