Why Winter is the Perfect Time for Hardscape

January 20, 2021

With the cold air and Winter season upon us, our organic landscaping slows down and makes the perfect opportunity for hardscape landscaping projects. Hardscapes are projects involving bricks, stone, cement, and construction of outdoor living spaces and walkways. Hardscaping involves heavy materials and heavy foot traffic and machinery around your grass, flowers, shrubs, trees, and waiting until winter helps minimize damage to the natural landscaping on your property. RSSY can help design, source, and execute your hardscape project without damaging your existing landscape. Call us today for details.

Road Salt for This Winter Season

January 6, 2021
Happy New Year! 2021 is now underway and Rock, Stone and Sand Yard is ready to supply all your landscaping and hardscaping materials. The Winter of 2021 is coming and RSSY has a large inventory of road salt for these terrible Winter storm days. Call us today for details and pricing. https://rssy.com/road-salt/
Whatever your applications, RSSY is ready with:
– Road Salt
– De-icing Salt
– Melting Salt
– Driveway Salt
– Walkway Salt
– Parking Lot Salt
– Bagged Salt
– Sacked Salt
– Salt Delivery
– Coarse Sand
– Large Inventory of Salt