Are You Ready for the Winter Weather Ahead?

November 22, 2022
Happy Thanksgiving to all our customers and friends.
Now let’s talk about that Winter weather that is coming. In a pinch, salt is salt, right? While that may be true in a serious salt emergency, you are opening yourself up to a world of disappointment if you don’t take the time to find a credible and consistent source for your rock salt and ice melt supply.
RSSY, Rock Stone and Sand Yard, is that long-term rock salt vendor that makes the difference between winter-long peace-of-mind and the constant anxiety of never knowing where you’ll get your rock salt or how much you’ll be able to find. As a business owner, property owner, or snow removal business, having a rock-solid rock salt vendor like RSSY is a necessity when dealing with Northern Virginia Winters. Please call us today at (703) 339-8095 for pricing and check out our FAQ page for additional information.

Happy Halloween to All Our Customers!

October 31, 2022

Happy Halloween to all our customers!

Get all your ghost and goblins ready to scare everyone. If your outdoor living areas is a place ghosts and goblins love to live, maybe it is time to visit Rock and Stone Yard. We have the right landscape and hardscape products to make your outdoor living a place your family will love and also scare the ghosts away.

We have a large inventory of fire wood. Please check out our web page here.

Fall and Winter Are Ideal to Begin Planning Your Hardscapes

October 17, 2022
It’s only natural that once Spring or Summer rolls around, our thoughts turn most to yard design and renovation projects. The warm weather and long days make us want to spend as much time in our outdoor living areas as possible and rev up our hardscapes for relaxation and entertaining.
What many homeowners don’t realize is that Fall and Winter are actually ideal seasons to plan and install hardscapes. As a top-rated hardscaping company in Northern Virginia, we of course offer our landscaping and hardscaping installation products year-round. Our sales people find that homeowners definitely think there’s a lot to be said for tackling major hardscape projects in the Fall and Winter.
Please stop by the Yard today or call us (703) 339-8095 to explore in more detail why Fall and Winter definitely should be on your radar when it comes to scheduling a hardscaping project in or around Northern Virginia.

Fall Is The Time To Plant!

October 11, 2022
RSSY has an amazing inventory of raw and organic materials for your landscape ideas and to protect the plants you have now. We offer a variety of quality topsoil, mulch, compost, blends and straw for commercial and residential landscaping and gardening. Our RSSY Blends (70% hardwood fines and 30% Bloom DC Water’s Class A exceptional biosolids product) is a great alternative to compost, providing organic matter as well as nutrients to stimulate improved plant growth of all kinds including turf, flowers, trees, and vegetable gardens. So call us today (703) 339-8095 for pricing or visit our website for more details. See you at the Yard!

Our Inventory of Sand Materials for a Variety of Uses

September 27, 2022
RSSY inventories sand materials for a variety of uses. Sands for play boxes, mortar mixing, construction or organic amending. We have the right sand for all your construction needs.
Sand color and texture changes over time. Please visit the yard to view our sand before purchasing if an exact match is required. Concrete and Mortar Sand available at both locations. Play Box Sand only available at Giles Run location. Please call us today at (703) 339-8095 for pricing and details or visit us our webpage.

Fall is the Best Time to Plant Sod in Northern Virginia

September 21, 2022
The early Fall or mid-Fall tends to be the best time to plant sod in Northern VA. This is because the temperatures have cooled down from the Summer highs and you tend to get more precipitation during these months. There is plenty of time between Fall and Winter for the sod to root and establish prior to dormancy which means in the Winter, your lawn will be healthy, full and easy to green up in the Spring.
Stop by the Yard and speak with one of our salespersons to discuss your sod requirement. RSSY will make sure you install your sod properly in your yard. Please call us (703) 339-8095 or visit our web page for more information.

Where We Deliver Our Stone Products in Northern Virginia

August 8, 2022
Many of our customers ask where do you deliver in Northern VA. Please click on the Service/Delivery Area Page.
If you do not see your location listed, please call us (703) 339-8095 to determine if we can serve you. At Rock Stone and Sand Yard (RSSY) 9824 Richmond Highway and 10133 Giles Run Road locations, we provide builders, landscape contractors and homeowners throughout Fairfax, Springfield, Falls Church, Arlington, Oakton, Vienna, McLean, Burke, Alexandria, Mount Vernon, Lorton, Clifton, and Woodbridge with an amazing selection of:
  • Top grade sand
  • Top grade Top Soil, Compost, Mulch
  • Gravel
  • Hardscapes
  • Landscape supplies including hardscape interlocking pavers
  • Landscape wall systems
  • Lighting Systems
  • De-Icing Salt

The Right Gravel for Your Drainage or Decorative Landscaping

July 27, 2022
RSSY inventories crushed stone, stone dust, bluestone, pea gravel, wash gravel, river rounds, and washed gravels that are available in a full range of colors and sizes for drainage or decorative landscaping. From topdressing, to erosion prevention, to proper drainage construction, we have all the raw materials your landscape projects require. RSSY carries several different types of decorative aggregates. Ranging from 3/8″ up to 8″ size, these aggregates have many uses including driveways, pathways, groundcover, and water features.
Stop by the yard today and pick out the right gravel for your job. Call (703) 339-8095 for pricing and details. You can visit our website for additional information and images.

Did You Enjoy a Great Cookout for July 4th in Your Yard?

July 5, 2022
July 4th fun is over. Did your family and friends enjoy a great cook-out in your yard with plenty of patio seating room and outdoor cooking appliances? If the answer is no, then time to visit the Yard and prepare for July 2023. Rock Stone and Sand Yard (RSSY) still has a great inventory of hardscapes, outdoor living appliances, lighting and much more to see. Call (703) 339-8095 and ask to speak to one of our experienced sales representatives today to make an appointment.
Thank you for your business and look forward to seeing you soon.

Is Your Outdoor Living Area Ready for the Summer?

June 21, 2022

Summer arrives today – is your outdoor living area ready for Summer fun? If not, time to call (RSSY) Rock, Stone and Sand Yard at (703) 339-8095 and speak with one of our experienced sales representatives. The Yard has all the landscape and hardscape materials necessary to build the outdoor living area of your dreams. Please check out our website for some ideas to build the best outdoor living space that is comfortable, functional, and stylish all year long in Northern VA for your family and friends.