River Rock for Your Outdoor Space

March 29, 2024
River rock is one of the simplest, most practical, and most multi-use materials that add a utterly charming touch or solve a water issue in your outdoor space.
Rock Stone and Sand Yard, RSSY, stocks a large inventory of 1 inch to 5 inch in diameter rocks. River rocks come in a variety of colors, from greys to tans to reds. Stones in this assortment of colors and sizes look spectacular layered on top of one another to create tiles. River rock has many applications on your property and one is they can be used to redirect water to prevent it from pooling in unwanted spots.
Call (703) 339-8095 our staff today to discuss any application you think requires River rock. 

Our Dump Trucks and Flatbed Trucks for Your Product Delivery

March 21, 2024
RSSY has dump trucks and flatbed trucks to deliver product to your home or business depending on the size of your job. We have:
2 Ton Trucks – Small Dump Trucks
5 Ton Trucks – Medium Dump Trucks
13 Ton Trucks – Large Dump Trucks
20 Ton Trucks – Very Large Dump Trucks
2 Flatbed Trucks
Our delivery rates are very competitive and are based upon ranges of miles. We have a 5 cubic yard minimum delivery requirement.
Yard Pick-up:
Bring a truck or trailer and one of our operators will get you loaded with the product you need for your job. Some loads may need to be covered so make sure you bring a tarp.
Delivery using our Dump Trucks:
Our dump trucks can deliver between 2 tons to 20 tons of mulch, topsoil, sand and gravel.
Delivery using our Flatbed Trucks:
For customers needing large amounts of river rock, decorative rock, flagstone, dry stack/veneer stone and pavers we deliver on pallets with a flatbed truck and off load with our forklift. Call us (703) 339-8095 today for more details and pricing.

What is Stone Veneer?

March 13, 2024
Stone veneer is defined as a decorative layer of stone. It is created either with the use of natural stone or engineered stone. In many cases, you’ll also hear stone veneer referred to as architectural stone or manufactured stone. Natural stone veneer is simply stone material that has been carved into smaller pieces. Engineered stone veneer, by contrast, is a combination of products that are poured into a mold and texturized to mimic the look of stone. In either case, a stone veneer is designed to be a decorative addition to a property or structure. It can be used inside and outside, but important to note, is not designed to be load-bearing. Please call (703) 339-3095 or visit our web page for additional details.

Boulders and Steppers of All Shapes and Sizes in Our Inventory

January 23, 2024

Boulders and Steppers make great natural looking borders and walls in various landscapes. Boulders come in all shapes and sizes and finding the right ones are key to making your landscape complete. Rock Stone and Sand Yard RSSY has all sorts of boulders and steppers of all shapes and sizes. We have the ability to custom order and deliver the rock to you. Please call (703) 339-8095 in advance to find out what is in stock or exact options available.

Techo-Bloc – New Year, New Products

January 12, 2024
As outdoor trend-setters, Techo-Bloc continuously innovates to create products that allow design lovers of all styles to transform regular spaces into stand-out-from-the-crowd statements. From patios to pool sides to walkways and fire features, our new products will allow you to refashion outdoor spaces into works of art. RSSY has an inventory of Techo-Bloc products that can be installed in the Winter. Call us (703) 339-8095 today for pricing and details or visit our page. Stay warm.

A Variety of Stone Products for Your Custom Patios

November 14, 2023
Custom patios are RSSY’s bread and butter and can be made of a variety of different stone and include features like patios, stairs, pathways, seating, fireplaces, firepits, water falls and more.
We offer Outdoor Kitchens in virtually every size and shape, as well as just about any face and appliance. Your outdoor kitchen should reflect your style as it becomes a great entertainment site to unite family and friends.
Your project doesn’t only have to look beautiful during the day – we offer state of the art lighting that makes your space perfect for night time entertaining. Stonework and Rockscapes add a new dimension to your outdoor areas.
Whether you are looking for stonework on a path, within landscaping, or a rockscape that enhances the decor of your outdoor space, we can bring your vision to life. Call RSSY today (703) 339-8095 for pricing and design assistance. Visit our website to get some additional ideas from the images.


Our Large Inventory of Decorative River Rocks for Your Landscaping

November 6, 2023
River Rocks range in size from 3/8 inches to 8 inches and are round in shape. Rock Stone and Sand Yard RSSY carries a large inventory. Depending on your project, we can recommend the proper size and shape. Decorative river rocks can be a longer lasting low maintenance alternative to organic mulches.
Primary Uses:
Decorative Landscaping
Garden Border
Drainage & Wash Areas
Mulch Alternative
After laying down decorative river rock, we recommend wetting it down to wash off any dust to really make the colors stand out. Also if the project involves a wash area you want to use our premium weed block as a base. Please call (703) 339-8095 or visit our website for more details. See you at the Yard.

Pavers and Flagstone for Your Perfect Patio This Fall

September 18, 2023
Families in Northern VA want to experience the outdoors, especially in the Fall, and spend as much time as they can outdoors. Building a stone patio is the way to enjoy your outdoor living spaces. It seems that very many people are finding themselves seeking more time in nature, primarily for the healing and relaxation benefits. Let our sales people work with your family to develop creative ways to experience a patio with an outdoor kitchen, pavilion, pergola, and fireplace.
We inventory pavers and flagstone for your perfect patio. Call us today (703) 339-8095 for more details.

Discover our Mulches, Pavers and Landscaping Stones

August 28, 2023
Having a healthy and beautiful looking landscape gives pride to every homeowner in Northern VA. Aside from taking care of plants, there are many things that you can do to increase the appeal of the external part of your home. RSSY, Rock Stone and Sand Yard inventories many materials that you can use to improve your landscape. However, there are those that stand out because of their price and durability. Some of these are mulches, pavers, and landscaping stones. Call us today (703) 339-8095 to discuss your applications to make your landscape even more beautiful, so why don’t you consider getting them now?
We provide you with quality landscaping stones to make your outdoors even more beautiful. Our products are best used for driveways, patios, garden paths, walkways and retaining walls. Check out our website and choose from our wide selection of building stones that include decorative boulders. See you at the Yard.

Factors for Selecting Hardscape Materials

August 21, 2023
RSSY, Rock Stone and Sand Yard lists seven factors for selecting hardscape materials. Properly done residential hardscaping creates an impression of care in your outdoor living areas around the home.
– Aesthetics
– Functionality
– Durability
– Maintenance
– Health And Safety
– Ecological Benefits
– Cost
Our sales representatives will be happy to discuss these factors with you and how they apply to your hardscaping ideas and plans. Stop by or call us (703) 339-8095 today.