Plan a Beautiful Outdoor Living Space to Use Year Round

June 27, 2023

The 4th of July Holiday is almost upon us bringing hot Summer weather.   This is a good time to look at your yard to plan a beautiful outdoor living space that you can use year round. Before you get started on creating an outdoor living space, you need to have a clear idea of the kind of design you would want in your yard. Stop by the RSSY design center to speak to our sales persons to get some ideas and then study your existing landscape. We will help you imagine how the space will be used and research different materials to insure proper function and design features.  Please call today (703) 339-8095 to set up an appointment or visit our website for more details.


Mulch Delivery in Fairfax, VA

June 19, 2023

It is time to Mulch. Hot summer days are coming and your plants deserve at least a 6 inch layer of Mulch. Going to the big box stores to buy those heavy bags of mulch can do a number on your pocketbook.

Call RSSY today (703) 339-8095 and have your Mulch delivered to your home or business. We can deliver in bags or by the truck load – your choice! If you are going to pick up, use our Mulch Calculator to determine the amount of Mulch you need.

See you at the Rock Stone and Sand Yard RSSY.


Discover Our Gravel Products in Our Inventory!

June 13, 2023
Crisp beds of gravel always look good in contemporary gardens in Northern Virginia. They make a nice textural contrast to break up smooth pavers and wooden decks in patio areas. Soften the effect with bold leaf planting arching over or growing through the gravel. Use the gravel to create little islands of planting that let you still see plenty of gravel. Any plants with a Mediterranean feel are the natural choice and can be planted directly into the gravel and look stunning in modern spaces.
Gravel is a versatile material that’s perfect for landscaping around water feature ideas to create contrast against a pond or vertical cascade. If you want to use gravel for a practical purpose like this, it’s a good idea to choose a medium-sized grade like Number 5 or Number 8 Bluestone gravel.
If it’s too small and fine, then it will spread around easily as you walk over it. If it’s too large, then it may make walking on the surface difficult. Please speak with our sales people to get the right texture and size of the decorative gravel for your landscaping ideas.
Call us today (703) 339-8095 or visit our web page for gravel images we stock in inventory.

Enhance Your Landscape in Northern Virginia with Natural Boulders and Steppers

June 5, 2023
Enhance the age and elevation of your landscape in Northern Virginia with Natural Boulders and Steppers. Natural Steppers, also known as Garden Path Steppers and Slabs, can be a key element to completing any elevated or sloping terrain landscape project. Rock Stone and Sand Yard has an inventory of natural quarried and mined steppers and slabs.
Applications vary from small garden path steppers to extra-large diving rock slabs and everything in between. Choose from an abundance of sizes, colors, and textures. Steppers and slab material is classified at RSSY by type and packaged by the pallet or by the pound. Please call us today (703) 339-8095 for more details and pricing.