Why Winter is the Perfect Time for Hardscape

January 20, 2021

With the cold air and Winter season upon us, our organic landscaping slows down and makes the perfect opportunity for hardscape landscaping projects. Hardscapes are projects involving bricks, stone, cement, and construction of outdoor living spaces and walkways. Hardscaping involves heavy materials and heavy foot traffic and machinery around your grass, flowers, shrubs, trees, and waiting until winter helps minimize damage to the natural landscaping on your property. RSSY can help design, source, and execute your hardscape project without damaging your existing landscape. Call us today for details.

Road Salt for This Winter Season

January 6, 2021
Happy New Year! 2021 is now underway and Rock, Stone and Sand Yard is ready to supply all your landscaping and hardscaping materials. The Winter of 2021 is coming and RSSY has a large inventory of road salt for these terrible Winter storm days. Call us today for details and pricing. https://rssy.com/road-salt/
Whatever your applications, RSSY is ready with:
– Road Salt
– De-icing Salt
– Melting Salt
– Driveway Salt
– Walkway Salt
– Parking Lot Salt
– Bagged Salt
– Sacked Salt
– Salt Delivery
– Coarse Sand
– Large Inventory of Salt

Seasoned Firewood Available for Pickup and Delivery This Season

December 18, 2020

RSSY is closed for the Holidays Dec 19 to Jan 3, 2021. Today is the last day to buy fire wood before the Holidays. However starting Jan 4th, we are ready for business and you will need to re-stock your firewood. RSSY seasoned Firewood can be purchased in baskets, cords or 1 piece for pick-up. For delivery you can only purchase baskets (up to 10) or up to 3 cords. Please call for pricing today.

1 Basket
1 Cord (Approx 3 Baskets)
Per Piece
Full cord – 8′ x 4’ x 4’ = 128 cu ft. Half cord – 4’ x 4’ x 4’ = 64 cu ft.

We are conveniently located on US 1 Lorton and easy access from I-95.


Architectural Stone Veneer – The Carolina Collection

December 4, 2020

Harvested in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, the Carolina Collection is a group of natural stone products with 10 distinct colors offered in 4 styles (or cuts), making it easy to compare and choose the perfect stone for your project. The products in this collection are also available in medium or full-bed thickness, as well as landscape products such as flagstone and decorative boulders. Call your RSSY salesperson today to start planning your Winter stone veneer jobs.


Stone Veneer Thickness:

Thin Veneer: 1″ to 3″ Average Thickness (Bed Depth)

Thick Bed Veneer: 3″ to 5″ Average Thickness (Bed Depth)

Make This Year a Special Occasion with Our Fire Pits and Firewood

November 23, 2020
For all our customers and friends, the Covid Virus is changing the way we celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. More of us will stay home more than ever before. So let’s make this year a special occasion where we can entertain our family and friends with an outside Fire Pit or Fireplace from Rock and Stone Yard. If you already have an outside fire pit or fireplace, then you can purchase RSSY Seasoned Firewood by the Cord or Half Cord, Pallet Homeowner Stacks, or by the Piece. Call us today for details. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at RSSY.


Hardscaping Ideas for Your Home This Fall

November 16, 2020
Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. With it brings that cooler weather easily associated with comfy sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes and just an overall feeling of coziness. Whether you live in a townhouse or in a small or large home, it’s easy to step into the season with the help of these great Fall Hardscaping ideas.
1. Autumn Patios
2. Landscape Steps
3. Walkways & Driveways
4. Firepits & Fireplaces
5. Rock Gardens
6. Arbors & Trellises
If you’re looking to design a new hardscape from scratch, visit our RSSY yard and talk to our sales staff who will help you accomplish just that.


Hardscaping Ideas to Get Your Home Ready for the Fall

October 27, 2020
Celebrate slopes with terraces. Cooler fall weather makes terracing a much more comfortable enterprise. Building terraces into your hillside will transform a barren, steep slope into a beautiful showpiece.
Spruce up your seating areas. A big group of friends and family with your holiday cooking will cause an overflow into your outdoor space. Be prepared for this by expanding your outdoor seating areas with comfortable, flexible furniture.
Are you ready to get a start on any of the above Fall hardscaping ideas to get your home ready for the fall and winter? If so, contact our design center and talk to one of our sales persons for more ideas and pricing. Visit our web site to see all our hardscaping products and materials.


Fabulous Fall Hardscaping Ideas

Enhance curb appeal. Impress your guests by re-paving your patios, driveways and walkways. Pavers can be matched to your existing landscape and their permeable nature is ideal in a climate where freezing and thawing is the norm. Don’t forget to install beautiful lighting elements that will illuminate your design and increase safety.
Add another patio. Does a part of your yard remain unused for most of the year? Perhaps it’s time to add a patio. Patio spaces can be as simple as a square of attractive pavers bedecked with chairs and a table. It’s also another great space to sip a cup of coffee, converse with a friend, or to watch the stars.
Are you ready to get a start on any of the above Fall hardscaping ideas to get your home ready for the fall and winter? If so, contact our design center and talk to one of our sales persons for more ideas and pricing. Visit our web site to see all our hardscaping products and materials.

Stop by for Products and Materials for Your Landscaping

October 15, 2020

Please visit our Rock Stone and Sand Yard (RSSY) website Blog offering Categories, Recent Posts and Archives of products and materials since 2013. We are certain that you and your family will find the perfect product or material for your landscaping or hardscaping ideas. Please stop by one of our 2 yards or call us today for pricing and delivery information.



Add a Fire Pit to Your Outdoor Living Space

Rock Stone and Sand Yard (RSSY) wants your family to have a year round outdoor living enhancement for your home. We think a fire pit creates the perfect environment to spend more time with family or when entertaining. Spending time around a fire is a great way to catch up after a busy week, and a perfect way to extend your living and entertaining space outdoors. An outdoor living space that incorporates fire can be part of a more simple way of life together by creating space that encourages relaxing and togetherness. Call us today for designs and materials to build your fire pit.