A Variety of Stone Products for Your Custom Patios

November 14, 2023
Custom patios are RSSY’s bread and butter and can be made of a variety of different stone and include features like patios, stairs, pathways, seating, fireplaces, firepits, water falls and more.
We offer Outdoor Kitchens in virtually every size and shape, as well as just about any face and appliance. Your outdoor kitchen should reflect your style as it becomes a great entertainment site to unite family and friends.
Your project doesn’t only have to look beautiful during the day – we offer state of the art lighting that makes your space perfect for night time entertaining. Stonework and Rockscapes add a new dimension to your outdoor areas.
Whether you are looking for stonework on a path, within landscaping, or a rockscape that enhances the decor of your outdoor space, we can bring your vision to life. Call RSSY today (703) 339-8095 for pricing and design assistance. Visit our website to get some additional ideas from the images.


Our Large Inventory of Decorative River Rocks for Your Landscaping

November 6, 2023
River Rocks range in size from 3/8 inches to 8 inches and are round in shape. Rock Stone and Sand Yard RSSY carries a large inventory. Depending on your project, we can recommend the proper size and shape. Decorative river rocks can be a longer lasting low maintenance alternative to organic mulches.
Primary Uses:
Decorative Landscaping
Garden Border
Drainage & Wash Areas
Mulch Alternative
After laying down decorative river rock, we recommend wetting it down to wash off any dust to really make the colors stand out. Also if the project involves a wash area you want to use our premium weed block as a base. Please call (703) 339-8095 or visit our website for more details. See you at the Yard.

Add Curb Appeal to Your Home with RSSY Natural Stone Veneers

October 25, 2023

Northern Virginia residents add a little curb appeal to your home or upgrade the interior with natural stone veneers from Rock Stone and Sand Yard. Our durable natural veneers have the look of solid stone, but can be applied almost anywhere, inside or out. Cover all or part of your home with gorgeous, natural looking stone with a low-maintenance finish and long-lasting color. Stop by the Yard and choose from a variety of stone shapes and textures. Whether you’re adding veneers to the entire exterior of your house or you’re just doing a small update on the inside, our natural stone veneer goes on easily and designed to last. Call us (703) 339-8095 today for pricing and details or visit our website. Thank you for your business.

Fall and Winter Are Ideal for Planning and Installing Your Hardscape

October 16, 2023
It’s only natural that once Spring or Summer rolls around, our thoughts turn mostly to yard design and renovation projects. The warm weather and long days make us want to spend as much time outside as possible and rev up our hardscapes for relaxation and entertaining.
What many homeowners don’t realize is that Fall and Winter are actually ideal seasons to plan and install hardscapes for these reasons.
  • Cost Savings – Contractors are not as busy
  • Quicker Turn-a-Round – Hardscaping products in Inventory
  • Less Damage to your Yard – Turf may be frozen.
  • Less Disruption – Not using your yard.
  • Often Ideal Weather – Many nice low humidity days in early winter.
Rock Stone and Sand Yard RSSY the premier hardscaping company in Northern Virginia inventories hardscaping materials from Belgard, Nicolock, Keystone Hardsacapes and Techo-Bloc and offers our hardscaping and landscaping design, delivery and maintenance services all year round. Call us today (703) 339-8095 to discuss hardscaping ideas and pricing for your outdoor living areas. You can visit our website for additional details. See you at the Yard.

Firepits Are a Stunning Focal Point for Your Outdoor Space

October 9, 2023

Firepits create a stunning focal point for your outdoor space while adding extra seasons to your al fresco living. There is nothing like a live fire to make a gathering come alive. Your family can cook S’mores, hot dogs, popcorn or choose a type of wood that’s dense and slow-burning, like oak or hickory, and use a cooking grate to cook your favorite outdoor recipe. Outdoor firepits create a brilliant and blazing effect. Call (703) 339-8095 or visit the Yard and speak with a sales person to design the firepit of your dreams.

Plastic and Aluminum Edging for Your Garden Beds

October 4, 2023
We offer plastic edging (Shown in Image). We also offer aluminum edging in silver and black colors.
Edging use for raised beds, driveways, cement forms and many other applications. Call (703) 339-8095 today for pricing and additional details.

The Difference Between Topsoil and Compost

September 28, 2023
Homeowners ask what is the difference between Topsoil and Compost. Topsoil is the upper, outermost layer of soil having a high concentration of organic matter and microorganisms. RSSY stocks Landscape Topsoil that is screened and recommended for fill and landscape leveling only. RSSY has leaf compost that is a product that results from naturally decomposing organic material.
An alternative to compost is our RSSY Blends (70% hardwood fines and 30% Bloom DC Water’s Class A exceptional biosolids product) and is a great alternative to compost, providing organic matter as well as nutrients to stimulate improved plant growth of all kinds including turf, flowers, trees, and vegetable gardens. Call (703) 339-8095 to discuss with our staff your topsoil or compost application or visit our website for more details.

Discuss Your Mulch Application This Season with Our Staff

Your plants and trees can never have too much mulch, but generally a three-inch layer provides an effective and attractive covering. Mulch delivers all kinds of benefits, from helping to keep soil from drying out, to improving water penetration and air movement, to protecting plant roots and keeping weed growth at bay. Call (703) 339-8095 to discuss with our staff your mulch application. Take notice our website mulch photos and colors may vary, so we encourage you to visit the Yard to make your texture and color selection.

Pavers and Flagstone for Your Perfect Patio This Fall

September 18, 2023
Families in Northern VA want to experience the outdoors, especially in the Fall, and spend as much time as they can outdoors. Building a stone patio is the way to enjoy your outdoor living spaces. It seems that very many people are finding themselves seeking more time in nature, primarily for the healing and relaxation benefits. Let our sales people work with your family to develop creative ways to experience a patio with an outdoor kitchen, pavilion, pergola, and fireplace.
We inventory pavers and flagstone for your perfect patio. Call us today (703) 339-8095 for more details.

The Best Landscape Edging Options for Your Garden and Backyard

September 5, 2023

Northern Virginia residents, have you been looking for the best landscape edging options to help turn your garden or backyard into a beautiful outdoor oasis? Whether you’re aiming to incorporate something modern and chic, classic and timeless, or something in between, there is no shortage of possibilities for finding the right landscape edging. Improving the look and feel of your flower beds, garden, patio or walkways is one of the best things you can do for your curb appeal. Call us today (703) 339-8095 and let’s explore all of your landscape edging needs!