Check Out Our Large Selection of Mulch This Spring!

April 26, 2021

Is it better to mulch in the Spring or the Fall?

RSSY says both. Don’t put mulch down too early in the Spring. Give the soil a chance to warm. Mulching too early will actually slow down the warming process. Normally, mid-to-late spring is the best time to put down mulch and that is RIGHT NOW!

Fall mulching works like Spring mulch to retain soil moisture, suppress weed growth and protect bare soil from erosion. Fall mulch insulates soil, providing a warmer environment for the soil-food web, including earthworms and microbes.

Stop by the yard and see our large selection of colored hardwood mulch, pine bark mulch and hardwood and biosolids blends. Call today (703) 339-8095 or visit our website.

Mulch This Spring Northern VA