Different Types of Aggregates & Their Uses

February 12, 2024
Whether you need a decorative feature or finish in your garden and driveway, bulk bagged aggregates or loose aggregates are an inexpensive choice, really easy to work with, and they certainly help you reduce the time you spend on property upkeep. You can pick-up or request delivery.
Aggregates come in different gradings, and textures, with varying moisture content and various other characteristics that determine the kind of job they are suited for. Let’s look at different types of aggregates and some of their uses so you can make the best choice for your next project.
SAND – There are different types of sand available for construction: sharp sand, ballast, and even recycled sand. Each type has its own uses.
BALLAST SAND – Ballast is a mix of sand and gravel and is generally used when building foundations for specific jobs such as houses and roadways as well as railways.
GRAVEL – Gravel has larger grains than sand. It can be used as part of driveways or pathways, occasionally mixed with concrete but often simply laid down on top.
ROCKS, PEBBLES AND SHINGLE – These types of aggregate come in a variety of colors, shapes, and surface textures. Shingle and stone aggregate can be glassy, smooth, rough, honeycombed, and more, and can be used to create unique and beautiful decorative garden features.
CRUSHED ROCK – One particular type of aggregate is crushed rock, made when larger pieces of rock are crushed into smaller pieces. This makes for another excellent base for forming concrete slabs and driveways.
ROCK DUST – Fine rock dust is a by-product of the quarrying industry and results from rock crushing. Also known as crusher dust, it can be used to improve the soil by remineralization, helping to rebuild topsoil and to speed up growth in your garden.
If you know the type of aggregates you require, use our aggregate calculator to estimate how much you’ll need for your project. Just call (703) 339-8095 to speak to our staff about our aggregates and our pricing or please visit our webpage for more details.