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Hardwood Mulch in Springfield, VA

Mulch Delivers Protection and Nutrients to Plants

Planting grass or ground covers is the best way to stop soil erosion. Putting straw or a shredded or chip mulch in Springfield, VA on gardens, bare spots, slopes or newly seeded areas will slow the erosion process. Mulch acts as a blanket, protecting delicate plant roots. Mulch also acts as a resource for stored nutrients and absorbed reserves of moisture. If there is one thing you do in your yard this spring, make it an application of RSSY mulch in Springfield, VA.

RSSY has hardwood and pine mulch for Springfield, VA landscape projects. We offer:

  • Double Shredded Commercial Grade Hardwood Mulch and Double Shredded Pine Mulch
  • RSSY Bulk Landscaping Material in 1.5T super sacks for convenient delivery to homeowners, contractors, builders, and property management companies
  • A comprehensive inventory of mulch, topsoil, sand, gravel, stone, and hardscape pavers for all of your Lorton landscape improvement projects

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What Our Customers Think

5 Star Customer Rating

I have used RSSY exclusively for my mulch delivery needs for over 20 years. Their pricing and service are always the best. Keep up the good work!

Quentin D.
Springfield, VA

More about the Benefits of RSSY Mulch

Soil management best practices focus on natural solutions for healthier landscapes. There are many methods that achieve that goal, including using mulch. Your Springfield, VA, landscape can benefit in many ways from regular applications of nutrient-rich RSSY mulch. A 2”- 4” layer of double shredded hardwood or pine bark mulch helps conserve existing soil and protect your vegetation. It restores natural functions in disturbed soils by adding organic elements. These rebalance the soil and encourage beneficial microbial activity that boosts plant health while suppressing plant disease and competitive weeds. Applying RSSY mulch in Springfield, VA can help rebalance your soil, conserve water resources, feed your plants, and a whole lot more.

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