Road Salt and Bulk Salt in Arlington, VA


We have ice and snow melt rock salt for pick-up or delivery in the Arlington VA and Alexandria VA area.

Fast acting rock salt begins to melt snow and ice quickly upon application. Effectively melts down to 15 degrees F and creates added traction for roadways, driveways, and walkways.

  • Available in Bulk
  • Delivered using our own trucks
  • We help you determine the amount best for you
  • Have salt in stock all Winter

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What Our Customers Think

"We've turned to RSSY for salt and other bulk materials for years. They have a great selection of rock salt, bulk salt, bagged salt and employ a staff who knows about them. You can't go wrong with this crew!"

Brian P.
Arlington, VA

More About Salt De-icing Application Factors

It is important to know the chemical concentration, time, pavement temperatures, weather conditions, type of road surface, topography, traffic volume, width of application, and, most importantly, time of chemical application all affect the process of melting snow and ice.

If too much salt is used, not all of it will dissolve into solution and some will be wasted. Too little salt may not sufficiently lower the solution's freezing point. The ice will not melt or melted snow may refreeze and waste the chemical.

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