Hardwood Mulch for Sale in Fairfax, VA


Mulch in Fairfax, VA is an essential part of any healthy landscape. It promotes beneficial microbial activity, insulates and protects delicate plant root systems, and is an integral component of any active erosion and water management plan. The mulch experts at RSSY have advised homeowners, construction companies, and property management firms about the benefits of proper mulch application since 1971. If you need help with landscape mulch in Fairfax, VA, count on the trusted local landscape material professionals at RSSY in Lorton.

RSSY sells premium mulch for Fairfax, VA landscape projects. We offer:

  • An exceptional staff of committed professionals with nearly half a century of dedicated landscape materials expertise
  • Continuous training and industry certifications keep our knowledge fresh and strengthens our ability to serve you
  • Locally-sourced Double Shredded Commercial Grade Hardwood Mulch and Double Shredded Pine Mulch

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What Our Customers Think

"Best mulch in Northern VA, hands down. We have gotten our mulch from you guys for the past 3 years and it's always held up great and made our beds look wonderful. Thanks for such a great product."

Cary A.
Fairfax, VA

More About RSSY Mulch

At RSSY we know how important a seasonal application of mulch can be to the health and future success of your landscape. Our mulch is cleaned and uniformly shredded for even coverage and layering. RSSY Double Shredded Commercial Grade Hardwood Mulch gives a smooth, uniform surface that helps anchor it to the land. Robust, dark, and rich, this mulch releases vital nutrients back to the soil to nourish and protect your soil and landscape. Mulch also helps manage weeds, water, and the harmful effects of erosion. Our RSSY Double Shredded Pine Mulch, with its earthy dark brown color and fresh pine scent, is a customer favorite. Light, stable, and non-colloidal, this mulch sticks to sloping banks and is ideal for shaded landscape beds. Come see the landscape materials experts at RSSY for your landscape mulch and raw materials.

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